I am very interested in game development especially for mobile platforms. Because of this I always need free 3D models. One of my favourite source was poly.google.com, google’s free 3d model service. Sadly the website will be killed this year and it will take an important free model resource from me. Before the website is shut down, I’ve decided to download as many 3D models as possible. So I started this project to automatically download 3d models from poly.google.com.

Selenium and Web Driver

Selenium is an open source tool which is used for test automation carried out on web browsers. Web drivers enable python…

In past months, I needed a communication mechanism between Unity and Matlab/Simulink for controlling my computer simulation projects from Simulink to apply automatic control methods(PID in my case). For that purpose, I selected UDP protocol because of its lightweight and fast nature.

Simulink Model Part

In default, Simulink models do not work in realtime. So firstly, we have to find a way to make Simulink model work in realtime. We will use “Real-Time Synchronization” block for that purpose.

Real-Time Synchronization block and parameters.

We have to set a sample time(in seconds) and maximum missed ticks. Sample time as 10ms was enough for my project. Also I selected maximum…

Cihad Doğan

Software engineer by morning, game developer by night.

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